Lívia Apartment Balatonlelle

Balatonlelle is one of the most favourite resorts.The slowly-deepening, soft, silky water, the lengthwise-built beach with paying and without paying too, the sight of the picturesque further bank mountains, the evenings with mediterraenen atmosphere on St. Stephen square provide the rest, amusement, the real recreation for tenthoudands of people.

Durind he summer months programmes organizedon the open-air stage,the exhobitions of the Local public house and Kapoli Museum, organ concerts on Saturday evenings, events of the full-week Wine Festival and the facultative program facilities of the neighbourhood of the town make us feel the summer unforgetable in Lelle.Balatonlelle is a favourite resort for all age-goups, because the town with its individual atmosphere and lots of flowers is always waiting well- prepaired for its guests from Hungary and abroad.

Centre evening

Kapoli Memorial House

Water football

Chapel of Kishegy